Daughter of York: The Life of Anne of York

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ImageWith the recent confirmation that the body found in a Leicester car park was indeed Richard III this king of the House of York is once again big news. But the woman whose genes passed through more than five centuries of descendants to end up on a DNA stick that identified the bent-spined skeleton has been completely overlooked in the media melée. Through nothing more than genetic good fortune this forgotten noblewoman, Richard III’s elder sister, has become one of the most important figures in recent history of the Wars of the Roses.

But who was Anne of York?

As is so often the case with medieval women, the little we know of Anne’s childhood is all constructed around the men in her life. She was the eldest daughter of Richard, duke of York, and through him inherited the royal blood of Edward III. In 1446, at the grand old…

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Author and playwright, Wendy J. Dunn is obsessed with Tudor history. Her first published novel, the award-winning Dear Heart, How Like You This? is described as “one of the best novels ever written about Anne Boleyn’s life”. After completing her Masters in Writing at Swinburne University in 2009, Wendy took up a position as a tutor in Writing. She became a PhD candidate in August, 2010. Her own writing journey continues.
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