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My name is Wendy J. Dunn, and I am the author of Dear Heart, How Like You This? and The Light in the Labyrinth. I am passionate about history. I am also passionate about reading, writing, and books. I know about the power of books. I know about it because a history book written for children – a book I received for my tenth birthday – changed my life. At ten, I needed a hero, a guiding light that would help me navigate through those difficult growing up years. A chapter in that book was about Elizabeth I. She became my first hero, and wanting to know more about her introduced me to my second, her mother, Anne Boleyn. Their stories gave me examples of strong and determined women – women who seized their voices and true identities in a time when women were told to be silent and remember their inferiority.

There are still moments I find myself amazed at the life journey that came about because of that book chapter. My interest in Elizabeth and Anne soon grew to embrace the whole Tudor period, and grew into a passion that turned me into a writer. I also hold Elizabeth and Anne responsible for my PhD (Human Society). Not long ago, I heard I Sophie Masson state a simple truth: A writer is a lifelong learner. We learn from observing our world, and also through writing. Every time I have written a novel, I deepen my understanding of what Kundera means when he speaks of how the labour of creating a novel acts as a catalyst for change (Art of the Novel, 2006). Writing is my means to grow as a human being. Hope you enjoy visiting my website.

Wendy J. Dunn

The Story of Philippa of Clarence, Matriarch of the House of York

Originally posted on History… the interesting bits!:
Arms of Philippa of Clarence Princess Philippa of Clarence was born at Eltham Palace in Kent on the 16th August 1355.  She was named after her grandmother, Philippa of Hainault, queen of Edward…

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Book of Kells Now Free to View Online

Originally posted on The Library of Trinity College Dublin:
The Library of Trinity College Dublin would like to announce that the Book of Kells in its entirety is now viewable in the Library’s new Digital Collections online repository, provided by…

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A LITERARY WORLD: An Interview with Wendy J. Dunn

A LITERARY WORLD Author Interview with Wendy J. Dunn Today I have the pleasure of welcoming the first of our Tudor authors, fellow Australian writer, Wendy J. Dunn. Her first novel, Dear Heart, How Like You this? was the winner … Continue reading

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Joan Beaufort, Queen of Scotland

Originally posted on The Freelance History Writer:
Joan Beaufort, Queen of Scotland, from the Foreman Armorial, 1562 Joan Beaufort was descended from kings. Through her mother she was a related to King Edward I of England and through her father…

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Silk Purses and Royal Scandal

Originally posted on History… the interesting bits!:
Philip IV with sons Charles and Philip and daughter Isabella on his right and his heir, Louis and brother, Charles of Valois, on his left In the early years of the 14th Century,…

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August 29, 1588 – Leicester’s Last Letter to Elizabeth I

Originally posted on Janet Wertman:
“His Last Letter” Elizabeth I and Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester, had a long, deep, and complicated relationship. They were childhood friends, and he was one of her favorites (if not her very favorite) when she…

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Richard III

Richard III.

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