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Dear Heart, How Like You This?

A woman who sees her destiny as England’s Queen.

A King who destroys what he no longer wants.

A poet’s love that will never be forgotten.

May, 1536. The poet Sir Thomas Wyatt, released from imprisonment in the Tower of London, is in his father’s custody. From almost the beginning of his life, Tom has loved his cousin Anne Boleyn, content to sit at her feet while she sang her love songs to another, if doing so gave him just a moment in her company. Now he is heartsick and despairing, having witnessed her juridical murder by Henry VIII. Only wanting to escape from the recent memories now rending his heart, Tom recounts his story, a story which narrates too the tragic tale of Anne Boleyn, second wife of Henry VIII.

Niece, cousin and wife rolled into one – meet Mariana

Originally posted on Anna Belfrage:
Baltasar Carlos, Velázquez After far too many posts outside of my favourite era, I feel an urge to return ”home”. The 17th century beckons, and I long for men in breeches and coats, lace collars…

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Short Shorts (stories under 1000 words)

Short Shorts (stories under 1000 words).

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Queen Katherine Parr: The First Woman and Queen of England to be Published

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First published in 1545, “Prayers or Meditations” by Queen Katherine Parr became so popular that 19 new editions were published by 1595 (reign of Elizabeth I). This edition was published in 1546 and bound by a…

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Self-Publishing: Author’s Experiences

Self-Publishing: Author’s Experiences.

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Get The Light in the Labyrinth for only $2.99!

Great news! My publisher has agreed to reduce the kindle book price of The Light in the Labyrinth to $2.99 from May 1st (the day when Henry VIII abandoned Anne Boleyn to her fate) to June 1st (Anne’s coronation). This … Continue reading

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Originally posted on From Hook to Book:
Stepping into the past is something all historical fiction authors and readers love to do, and in a room full of like minds and 21st century technology, it’s even more fun. Just ask…

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Guest post: Wendy J. Dunn on writing historical fiction

Originally posted on Feathers of the Firebird:
Today I’m delighted to welcome historical novelist Wendy J. Dunn to my blog, with an intriguing guest post about how she approaches creating the imaginative landscape of her books, whilst also recreating a…

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